8 Things Your Plumber Wants You To Know

8 Things Your Plumber Wants You To Know

It takes years and years of training and experience to become a professional plumber. Of course, naturally, not everyone has the same kind of knowledge or experience to handle plumbing-related problems. We understand that. However, as a homeowner, knowing some of the basics of your plumbing system will be important. Here are some of the things your plumber wants you to know.

Know The Location of Your Water Main

This is a sign to learn the location of the water main of your house if you don't already know. Many events can require you to shut down the valve of your home's water supply. To do this, you need to know the location of the valve. In addition to this, know any other emergency water shut-off valves.

Avoid Using Chlorine Tablets

Of course, it's only natural for a homeowner to want clean toilets. However, one point reliable plumbers would like you to avoid is chlorine tablets. It will indeed clean the interiors of your toilet, but at the same time, it will seriously harm your plumbing system.

Don't Flush Any Hygiene Products

There's only one thing that should go down the toilet: waste and toilet paper. You should avoid other items, especially hygiene products, even if it writes "flushable" on them. This rule covers makeup, female hygiene products, baby wipes, and cotton pads. None of these items can properly degrade in the water, and you will only send an invitation for clogs.

Your Garbage Disposal Isn't A Trash Can

Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of treating their garbage disposal like it's a second trash can and put everything in it. Please do not make this mistake, and don't put objects like eggshells, bones, nuts, fiber-including food, starch-containing food, and grease down the garbage disposal. They can harm the garbage disposal in addition to clogging the drain.

Don't Neglect the Maintenance of Your Plumbing System

Like your A/C system, your plumbing needs regular maintenance to operate at its best. This is crucial in finding minor problems before they develop into major issues like a water leak or water damage.

To Prevent Frozen Plumbing, Allow Faucets To Drip.

Dealing with frozen pipes, especially around the winter, can be frustrating. What if we tell you that there's a way of avoiding it? Letting your faucets drip very little when not using them may help you avoid those issues, particularly in the winter, such as busted pipes and flooding. This is especially important when temperatures drop significantly in the winter, making the pipes susceptible to freeze. 

Avoid Pouring Grease Down The Drains

If you are a person who regularly throws down various sorts of grease from cooking down your kitchen sink, it's time to stop now. The drains aren't designed in a way that can hold any type of grease, and pouring them down can cause them to solidify and clog your drains.

Don't Deal With Your Water Heater On Your Own

We cannot emphasize this enough: as a homeowner, you should always leave it to professionals when it comes to services or maintenance regarding water heaters. If you aren't experienced with water heaters and do something incorrectly, you can seriously burn yourself and cause a flood inside your house. If you feel something is wrong with the water heater, call the professionals.

Professional Plumbing Services

In this article, we reviewed some things that would benefit you, and we hope it helps you. Sometimes, emergencies frequently arise untimely, even when you take all the necessary measures. So, it's natural if that's the case. If you have a plumbing emergency or need any other plumbing service, we want you to know that trusted plumbers of Texas Rooter are here for you. Schedule your appointment today with our representatives.


Jul 21,2023

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