Fixing a Toilet That Won’t Flush

Fixing a Toilet That Won’t Flush

The toilet is one of the most used fixtures in your house. However, facing problems with a toilet is very common. One of these problems is when a toilet doesn’t flush. Many people get stressed when they don’t know what to do in this situation and give up. To inform everyone about the things they can try to get a toilet to flush again, we wrote this article. Throughout this article, we will go through step-by-step ways you can help the toilet to flush and how Texas Rooter can help.

The Steps You Can Follow to Fix A Toilet That Won’t Flush

Let's go through some ways and steps to help the toilet flush again.

  • Sometimes people close the water valve for a different purpose and forget it is closed or semi-closed. Make sure that the valve is completely open.
  • If the valve is already open, there is a big chance that the toilet is clogged. These clogs can occur due to a large amount of waste in addition to the napkins, wipes, and toilet papers that all come to clog the toilet. If there is still waste visible on the toilet, then you can try to push it slightly with a toilet brush. If no waste is available, you can use the vinegar and baking powder method to break the clog down.
  • Although the problem is mostly related to clogs, sometimes there are problems with the toilet mechanism itself. If you press down the flush handle and it won’t flush anything, it is most likely disconnected. To see if the chains that help flush are in place, lift the lid off and ensure they are secured. If they seem to be dangling around, put them back into their place and try flushing again.
  • Check and see if there is enough water for the toilet to create a suction force. To see if this mechanism has a problem, find the float and fill it with water. Try flushing again to see if it works better this time. If it does, move the arm and test to see if the problem is completely solved.
  • If, after you tried everything in the previous steps and your toilet still doesn’t flush, there may be a bigger problem that needs the work of a professional. With their modern equipment, plumbers can identify where the problem is and eliminate clogs if there are any.

Texas Rooter

After applying all the steps to your toilet, if it is still clogged, this may indicate that a professional is needed. That is where we come in. At Texas Rooter, we are motivated every day to save one more person from a greater headache with a plumbing service. With our modern equipment, experienced plumbers, and dedication, toilet repair has never been faster. Call us today to learn more about us and our services or get more information on ways you can try to fix a toilet that won’t flush.


Jul 10,2023

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