How to Fix a Water Line Leak in Your Yard

How to Fix a Water Line Leak in Your Yard

We know that none of the homeowners ever want to deal with the frustrating issue of a leaky pipe. These are usually common indoor issues most of us have to deal with on a day-to-day basis at some point in our lives, like dripping faucets or leaky toilets, but most of the time, these are easy to identify and fix. On the other hand, when the leak issues are regarding the pipes from the city water main to the house, the situation can be much more serious. When the problem is an underground water line, what you will face will be nothing like the basic kitchen faucet leak. Instead, it's going to be more like a broken sewer line type of issue. In this article, we will go over the basics of water leak line detection and the steps for fixing it.

Here are some signs that show you possible leaks:

  • An unexpected rise in water bills
  • Muddy, mushy places in the yard
  • When you see the water meter spinning even though there's no water usage at that time.
  • Low water pressure from household faucets or showerheads

Before calling the professionals, if you see these, record when and where you have seen them. It would be a good starting point for the professionals.

Step 1: Find the Leak

The first step of water leak repair is to find it naturally. Keep track of the problem and signs that accompany it to make the jobs faster and easier for the professionals. Provide them with as much information as you can because the minor details you can overlook can be important to the professionals. Even if you're not sure about when it first started, the plumbers have different methods of locating the leaks with additional instruments.

Step 2: Disconnect the Water

Mainline leaks are pretty serious, and if discovered, the water should be disconnected immediately. That's because these types of leaks are major and are associated with water damage. If you are the first one to notice, find the shut-off valve at your main water supply and cut off the water supply to your house. If you don't know how to, professionals will already take care of it.

Step 3: Check If Other Lines Are Affected

After finding the source of the leak, the professionals will identify whether any other pipes or lines of electricity or gas are close to the main line. That's because if these lines are also impacted, you will lose not only your water but also your heating and electricity for a while. This way, greater damage can be avoided from the beginning.

Step 4: Reach and Fix the Leak

In order to fix the leak, the reliable plumber will need to get access to the pipes and repair them with either trenchless methods or other pipe repair techniques.

Dependable Plumbers Nearby

We attempted to discuss how fixing a water line leak in your yard goes in this article, along with some of the indicators of leaks. The experts at Texas Rooter have made it easier to locate trustworthy leak repair. Thanks to the various plumbing services we offer, our commitment, and reasonable pricing options, leak repairs are now simpler than ever. Give us a call to learn more about who we are.


Dec 03,2023

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