Types of Valves Used in Plumbing

Types of Valves Used in Plumbing

Valves are integral components of any plumbing system, regulating the flow of water and ensuring that various fixtures function efficiently. Understanding the different types of valves used in plumbing is essential for homeowners and plumbers alike. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the common types of valves, their specific functions, and the crucial role they play in maintaining a well-functioning plumbing system.

Ball Valves

Function: Ball valves control water flow using a spherical disc, known as a ball, with a hole in the center. When the valve handle is turned, the ball rotates, either allowing or obstructing the flow of water.

Application: Ball valves are versatile and widely used in residential plumbing systems. They are particularly suitable for on/off control and are often found in main water shut-off valves.

Gate Valves

Function: Gate valves control water flow by raising or lowering a gate (a flat disc) within the valve body. When fully open, gate valves provide minimal obstruction, allowing for maximum flow.

Application: While gate valves are effective in providing full flow, they are not ideal for regulating flow incrementally. These valves are commonly used as isolation valves, such as in main shut-off applications.

Check Valves

Function: Check valves prevent the backward flow of water, allowing flow in one direction only. They contain a flap or disc that opens when water flows in the correct direction and closes to prevent backflow.

Application: Check valves are crucial in preventing contamination of the water supply and are commonly installed in sump pumps, sewage systems, and water heaters.

Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs)

Function: PRVs regulate and reduce the pressure of incoming water from the main water supply. They ensure that water pressure is suitable for household plumbing systems, preventing damage to pipes and fixtures.

Application: PRVs are essential in areas where the municipal water supply pressure is too high. They help protect appliances, such as water heaters and faucets, from excessive pressure.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Function: These valves blend hot and cold water to maintain a consistent and safe water temperature. They contain a thermostat that adjusts the mix of hot and cold water to achieve the desired temperature.

Application: Commonly used in showers and faucets, thermostatic mixing valves prevent scalding by ensuring that the water temperature remains within a safe range.

Angle Valves

Function: Angle valves, also known as stop valves, control water flow with a 90-degree turn of the handle. They are typically used to isolate water supply to specific fixtures, such as toilets and sinks.

Application: Angle valves are essential for maintenance and repair work, allowing plumbers to shut off water to individual fixtures without affecting the entire plumbing system.

Butterfly Valves

Function: Butterfly valves control flow using a flat disc mounted on a rotating shaft. When the disc is perpendicular to the flow, the valve is closed; when parallel, it is fully open.

Application: Butterfly valves are commonly used in large-diameter pipes for on/off control and are suitable for applications where space is limited.

Plumbing Services

Understanding the various types of valves used in plumbing is essential for both homeowners and plumbers. Proper valve selection and maintenance contribute to the efficient functioning of a plumbing system, preventing leaks, ensuring proper pressure, and safeguarding against potential damage. Whether it's the installation of new fixtures, routine maintenance, or addressing plumbing issues, consulting with a professional plumber or plumbing repair service like Texas Rooter ensures that the right valves are in place and functioning optimally. Regular inspections and timely valve replacements by a plumbing service contribute to the longevity and reliability of a home's plumbing system, promoting a seamless flow of water throughout the household.


Jan 21,2024

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