What to Expect During a Drain Cleaning Service

What to Expect During a Drain Cleaning Service

When your drain becomes blocked, a professional drain cleaning service such as Texas Rooter should be called in to clear it away. For those unfamiliar with such services, there may be plenty of questions as you prepare and await an appointment with their technician to clear their clogged pipes. In this article, we cover some basic rules on what you can expect during such services as how best to prepare, what questions to pose, and what steps they will take during service delivery to unclog it all.

Ask Questions

Before commencing the drain cleaning service, you must ask the plumber questions to understand their tasks, how long the service will last, and the associated costs. Here are a few questions you could pose to them:

  • What method will be used for the clogged drain line repair? And for how long and at what cost will this service take place?
  • Will any fixtures, such as toilets or sinks, need to be disassembled before removal occurs?
  • Will your service require cleanout access and clean-up following completion? Establish an initial goal and timetable for delivering service.


Once your questions are out of the way, a detailed agenda for service must be created. This will ensure you and the technician understand exactly what needs to be accomplished during service. Here is what should be included on the agenda:

  • Descriptions of the problem(s), such as which drain(s) are affected and for how long.
  • Details on which method the technician plans to remove blockages; any fixtures or pipes that will need access; estimated timeline and costs related to services rendered and any fixtures that must be accessible before services are completed.
  • Before commencing any drain cleaning service, a technician must perform diagnostics to ascertain what caused your blockage. This may involve using a camera or simply peering down through your drain with a flashlight; they'll also ask about when and how the issue began, as well as possible DIY solutions you have tried to solve the issue.


Once a technician has assessed your situation and set their equipment in place, they'll typically use high-pressure water or rotating cable machines to clear away blockages from pipes and fixtures such as toilets or sinks. In certain situations, access may also need to be gained through cleanouts to access pipes that need clearing through cleanouts in cleanouts if a blockage requires this approach.

Set Up For Service

As soon as all equipment has been assembled, a technician can begin clearing away blockages using high-pressure water jets or rotating cables; or both methods simultaneously; in any event, their goal should be to unclog drainage channels and restore proper functioning completely.


After your blockage is eliminated, your technician will conduct tests on all your fixtures to ensure everything is operating normally. This may involve running water through the drains or flushing toilets to check everything is operating as intended; any issues encountered will be addressed before service completion.

Final Inspection

After clearing and testing, technicians will conduct one final camera inspection to ensure all issues have been adequately resolved. They may use their cameras again to visually inspect pipes to confirm there are no remaining blockages or damages; additionally, they may run water through the drain to confirm the proper functioning of its flow system.

Texas Rooter

At Texas Rooter, our professional drain cleaning services specialize in getting your drains running smoothly again. Our highly trained plumbers use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to diagnose and clear even the toughest blockages quickly - be they simple clogs or more complex problems. With fast service with upfront pricing, you won't be surprised by unexpected fees later. So if your home or business's plumbing systems have become blocked up and slow drains need clearing, call Texas Rooter now to schedule an appointment and restore proper functioning!


Apr 28,2023

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