Why Is Sewer Line Replacement So Expensive?

Why Is Sewer Line Replacement So Expensive?

The sewer line is one of the most important parts of your plumbing system, if not the most important. It connects your plumbing system and the city's sewer main. So, naturally, when something goes wrong with your sewer line, it becomes a huge headache for the homeowner and is quite expensive to fix. In this article, we will go over why sewer line replacement is so expensive, the factors the prices depend on, and some of the prices.

Some Factors That Affect The Price

  • Location

The phrase "sewer line" is vague in general. Location is crucial in defining the problem. Depending on the location, more complex machinery or more detailed work might be needed to avoid any other house components. So, the location plays a role in the amount of work.

  • Extent Of The Problem

The extent of the problem is also a big role. Sometimes, the lines can be repaired or fixed without replacing the entire line. However, the other times, the entire line might be replaced, which is a process that can be very invasive for your entire yard. So, the extent of the damage also plays a big role.

  • Pipe Differences

Sewer pipes may come in different sizes and materials. They may be plastic, concrete, or clay. Naturally, working with different pipes requires different approaches, which may affect the effort spent and, the price.

  • Obtaining Permission

Suppose the extent of the damage to your sewer line is big. In that case, the process may be more invasive, and the business repairing or replacing the lines may need permission from their local pollution control agency.

  • Average Prices and Trenchless Repair

With other important factors like manpower, equipment, and landscape restoration in mind, the average cost for replacing a sewer line is around $3,000 to $25,000. The two big factors in the price are the digging and excavating processes. So, what if we tell you you can skip them with the trenchless method? Trenchless sewage repair allows for the repair or replacement of the current pipeline without digging up and removing the old one. Before going through the process, a camera is sent to the pipes to understand the damage's extent and determine the best course of action. There are two main techniques in trenchless repair: pipe lining and pipe bursting, and both of the methods eliminate the need to dig through your entire yard to fix your sewer line and destroy your landscaping.

Professional Plumbers of Texas Rooter

If you are experiencing signs of a damaged sewer line, call the qualified professional plumbers of Texas Rooter for sewer line repair or replacement. Acting fast regarding plumbing services is important to prevent any additional damage. Fortunately, the plumbers of Texas Rooter will be more than happy to help you. We will examine your system to determine whether your sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced. Call us right away to make an appointment.


Jul 15,2023

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